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Matchboard leads Small Business for Small Charities drive

 February 1, 2018
 Sharon Melamed, Founder of business matchmaking site Matchboard, may have started a new trend in the small business community – supporting small charities with pro bono marketing. View media release 

Westpac names Matchboard as one of Australia's 200 Businesses of Tomorrow.pdfWestpac names Matchboard one of Australia’s top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow

 April 13, 2017
 B2B matching site Matchboard has been named one of Westpac’s top 200 “businesses of tomorrow”, a vote of confidence in the company’s unique trust-based platform for matching buyers and sellers in the sales and service arenaView media release 

BPO TrendsAutomation and Globalisation reshaping BPO

 March 6, 2017
 The BPO industry is at a turning point – automation of back office and contact centre processes is rising steadily, eating into the BPO vendors’ bread-and-butter; and client focus on customer experience outcomes is causing a rethink in location strategy.  Against this backdrop, countries such as Fiji, South Africa and New Zealand are challenging the historical bastions of BPO, India and the Philippines, for a slice of the Australian market. 

These are some of the conclusions of a study by Matchboard, which analysed 493 BPO requests, and 45 chatbot and speech analytics requests, in 2015 and 2016. View media release 

Matchboard receives Government Grant for UK expansionMatchboard awarded Government grant for international expansion

 October 5, 2016
 Matchboard celebrated its four-year milestone this month with the announcement that it has received an Export Market Development Grant to accelerate its push into the UK. 

View media release: B2B matching platform awarded Government grant for international expansion 

Matchboard expands to the UKMatchboard expands to the UK market

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA  June 2016 Matchboard is preparing to launch in the UK, under its international brand, AboutMatch. View media release: Aussie matching site brings “smart sourcing” to the UK

Sharon Melamed Matchboard1250 clients, $14.2 million in deals …start-up Matchboard turns 3

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA  September 2015 Matchboard, a B2B matching platform which launched in 2012, celebrated its three-year milestone this month with some statistics which attest to the success of its unusual business model, built entirely on trust.

View media release: 1250 clients, $14.2 million in deals…Matchboard turns 3 View business highlights infographic.

Matchboard propels LikeBillions into Australian market with revolutionary new technology - Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA  March 2, 2015  LikeBillions has announced it is entering the Australian market, with its patented Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS) platform. WVS integrates contact centres and digital marketing through rotating phone numbers, uniquely identifying a caller’s web session and presenting this data to a company’s contact centre. 

View media release: Matchboard propels LikeBillions into Australian market
Aussie Internet service finds cure for search engine blues

search engine bluesSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 
 November 11, 2014
   Searching online for a suitable product or service provider can be a highly frustrating experience, when you get hundreds of thousands of results returned by search engines.  The question, “Where do I start?” echoes in offices everywhere, from start-ups to large enterprise.  Two-year-old Matchboard is helping to relieve some of this frustration for people trying to locate “perfect match” suppliers for their business needs.  The Aussie Internet company has proven its free buyer-supplier matching service works, celebrating its 1000th client this month.  
Managing Director, Sharon Melamed, said, “We’ve just completed our 1000th client request, and I’m pleased to say it was for an extremely worthy cause. We helped Royal Society for the Blind (a national blindness agency providing free services to people who are blind or vision-impaired) with an urgent requirement for a tele-fundraising service.  Our matching software quickly identified a shortlist of three call centre providers in Australia, with the requisite experience in the not-for-profit sector.  They’re now up and running with the chosen supplier.”

View media release: 
Aussie Internet service finds cure for search engine blues

Contact Centre Matching Service turns Two, reveals Buyer Trends

Matchboard turns 2, reveals buyer trendsSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA  September 19, 2014   Matchboard, a free online matching service for the contact centre industry, celebrated its two-year milestone this month.  M.D. Sharon Melamed said, “Almost 1000 requests have been submitted and hundreds of deals signed as a result of our service for the industry.”  The company’s website shows testimonials from many clients, from SMEs to large enterprise and government agencies.  The key benefit cited is the time companies can save in searching for the “right-match” vendors.   

View media release: Contact Centre Matching Service turns Two  

Need a room full of prospects?  Matchboard launches off-line matching.

B2B lead generationSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA  June 5, 2014   Matchboard has announced an off-line model, bringing companies and prospects together face-to-face, in an intimate boardroom setting. The concept is that Matchboard works one-on-one with a company (in its supplier community) to produce a boardroom lunch, where Matchboard’s role is to fill the room with 10-20 prospects who match a set of pre-defined criteria.  

View media release:  Matchboard launches offline model, media release June 2014.pdf

Call Centre Map guides companies through on-shore/off-shore debate

call centre accents map
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — November 8, 2013  An interactive map has been launched to combat misconception about foreign accent in call centres around the world. The click-and-play audio map enables the user to listen call samples from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Philippines, India, Fiji and Indonesia.  The Call Centre Audio Map, a world-first initiative developed by online B2B matching site, Matchboard, is designed to help companies draw informed conclusions about accents when considering location options for their call centre.  

View media release:  call centre audio map media release November 2013.pdf 

Matchboard helps companies find best suppliers for customer acquisition and customer service needs

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — October 28, 2013  Since its establishment in April 2012, Matchboard has helped countless businesses with smart sourcing for sales, service, and back-office support. Through utilising its wide supplier database and custom-built matching engine, Matchboard helps companies find the best suppliers for their customer acquisition and customer service needs - everything from call centres to CRM systems, outsourcing, digital marketing, training & consulting services.  

Free Web Service helps overseas companies set up in Australia / New Zealand

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — July 26, 2013 — Matchboard, a free online tool for the customer management industry in Australia and New Zealand, is servicing an increasing number of requests from US, UK and European companies looking to establish a presence in the region.  According to Managing Director, Sharon Melamed, one of the biggest success drivers in international expansion is finding the right partners, however “due diligence is often challenging when you’re sitting thousands of miles away.”

View media release: Helping companies set up in Australia media release

Smart new way to find Digital and Data service providers

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — March 3, 2013 — Six-month old start-up Matchboard has launched “digital” and “data” categories on its free online platform matching

buyers and suppliers.  Companies can now enter their needs for a range of “digital” services - from web design to social media marketing and online advertising - and connect with a shortlist of suppliers to help.

View media release: Digital and Data services media release

Matchboard unites boutique Outsourcers

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — November 12, 2012 — i-Direct has acquired Sydney-based call centre company, CDM Telemarketing, giving birth to a new brand in the outsourced call centre market: CDM Direct.  The two companies came together through industry matchmaking service, Matchboard.  Matchboard was tasked with finding a strategic investor for CDM, which has been operating a 40-seat centre in Sydney for almost 20 years, serving an impressive client list in both the private and public sector.  Nine expressions of interest were received, with i-Direct ultimately purchasing the company this week for an undisclosed sum.

View media release: CDM and Matchboard media release.pdf

$15 million Take-off!

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — October 22, 2012 — Start-up Matchboard’s free online tool matching buyers with suppliers has taken off: the company clocked up approximately $15 million in sourcing requests since its September launch.  Matchboard’s simple proposition is “enter your business needs and get connected with suppliers who can meet them”.  Not only is the service disarmingly simple, it’s free to use, which appeals to a client-base ranging from small business owners to procurement managers at large enterprise.

View media release: Oct.21 Media Release.pdf 

New Online Matching Service connects buyers with suppliers 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — September 3, 2012Matchboard, a web-based service matching buyers and suppliers, launched today, under the mantra, "Smart Sourcing for Sales, Service and Back Office".

View media releaseSep.3 Media Release.pdf


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