If you’re considering sales outsourcing, it’s easy to find the best-fit company for your needs by answering a few quick questions in our free matching tool.  Face-to-face selling is the purest and oldest form of sales, but sometimes it’s best left to the experts.  In an industry which has sometimes suffered due to dubious fly-by-nighters, Matchboard connects you with a shortlist of reputable suppliers for consumer and B2B field sales and retail kiosk sales outsourcing.  Don’t risk making an ill-informed decision on who to represent your brand.  Click here to get connected with experienced, pre-vetted suppliers.

What are the options for Sales Outsourcing?

There are many ways you can sell to your customers, or channel partners, in a face-to-face setting.  These include:

  1. Field sales – B2B sales, residential (door-to-door, or D2D) sales, channel partner sales
  2. Reseller management – account management, stock management, debt recovery, merchandising
  3. Retail sales and promotions – kiosks, event promotions, store-in-store sales, mystery shopping

If you are unsure the best approach to sell your product or service, please contact sales@matchboard.com.au.

What pricing models apply to sales outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing providers charge for their services in a variety of ways, including on an hourly rate, “per sale” basis or, increasingly commonly, a hybrid of the two.  In more mature business relationships, a value-based pricing matrix is gaining popularity, whereby the stronger the “offer” (and therefore the easier to sell), the lower the per sale fee payable to the supplier.  It is common to link payment to performance – the top KPIs in this category are Sales Performance, Quality and Compliance.  Don’t underestimate the importance of compliance and holding the Supplier accountable for ethical sales behaviour which aligns with your brand and values.

How can I pick the right sales outsourcing supplier?

Matchboard will connect you with a shortlist of suppliers who can meet your needs, however it is up to you which one you choose to go with.  If your project is big enough, you may want to consider piloting two suppliers in parallel, to benchmark performance.  Key to a successful sales outsource relationship is cultural alignment, and this comes from the top down.  It is wise to engage with the company’s management to gauge the priority they place on your business and to gain a comfort level that the supplier understands the essence of your brand and product or service, and is as enthusiastic as you are about selling it!

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