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Are you tired of trawling search engines to find quality suppliers? Are you fed up spending hours contacting sources, trying to compile a shortlist of who’s who in the market? Matchboard makes sourcing as simple as 1, 2, 3! Just follow these three simple steps to get started:

  1. Select a product/service category
  2. Complete a 60-second questionnaire outlining your needs
  3. Matched suppliers contact you directly.

How it works “behind the scenes” is that our proprietary matching technology instantly queries your needs against our database of approved suppliers, and produces a shortlist of the best matches. Every request is then quality checked by our verification team, before we connect you with suppliers to assist. Matched suppliers receive your contact details and requirements so you don’t have to “repeat the story” to each one.

Let’s take an exampleyou want to outsource your call centre but don’t know who’s reputable, and you’re not even sure what information you need to provide call centre outsourcers so they can give you a quotation…

Matchboard’s questionnaire takes away that headache by prompting you for all the questions you’ll need to answer, and then mapping every criterion you specify against a comprehensive supplier database. A short time later, you’ll be speaking to all the right outsourcers with a call centre in the location of your choice!  At any time during the process, if you prefer to speak to a Matchboard consultant to guide you along the way, we are only too happy to help.

Matchboard is proudly vendor-agnostic – we’re on your side, with the simple goal of finding you the genuine best-fit solutions for your needs.  In nearly every instance, we’ll connect you with multiple suppliers who’ve met our stringent quality criteria.  We also monitor the quality of service they provide on an ongoing basis, through a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

There are no catches – Matchboard is a free service to use, as we earn our revenues from suppliers. Our suppliers are happy to pay a small fee for the opportunity to connect with companies with a need they know they can fulfill.

Try our service for your next sourcing need, and see just how quick and easy it is to use!

Buyer FAQ

How can I be sure that my request will be kept confidential?

The privacy of our buyers’ and suppliers’ information is of paramount importance to Matchboard. Please see our Privacy Policy.

What if I am unsure of which service or product I need to solve my business problem?

Please feel free to call Matchboard at any time for a complimentary phone consultation.

What is Matchboard’s role after making a match?

Matchboard is a facilitator, simplifying the process for buyers to find the best-fit suppliers of the product or service they are looking for. After making introductions, Matchboard does not stay in the middle of any business discussions between the parties.

Does Matchboard screen the quality of its suppliers?

Matchboard conducts its own due diligence prior to accepting a supplier on its database. Mechanisms include market feedback, client reference checks, site visits and technology demos, but exclude formal assessment of corporate/financial viability. Matchboard cannot accept responsibility for the performance of the supplier. However we carefully monitor the service buyers receive from suppliers via customer surveys. Negative feedback is investigated, and Matchboard reserves the right to remove suppliers from its database.

If I’m looking for suppliers across multiple categories (e.g outsourcing and consulting), do I have to submit separate requests?


How long after submitting a request do I need to wait to receive contact from matched suppliers?

In most cases, requests are verified and sent to matched suppliers within 24 hours. After that, suppliers are encouraged to contact buyers asap, within 1 business day. In the unlikely event that suppliers have not initiated contact with you in this timeframe, please contact Matchboard – we will follow up immediately.

What if I am having a problem completing the on-line questionnaire – who can I contact?

Please e-mail and a Matchboard representative will contact you as a high priority.
Alternatively, please call us on 1300 062 711.

How does Matchboard locate “best-fit” suppliers?

Our buyer/supplier matching process follows two steps in order to identify best fit: the first is data-driven, where an extensive database of suppliers’ profile information, capacity, capability, experience, locations and desired business parameters is matched with “needs data” derived from a questionnaire completed by the buyer. The second step is manual verification to ensure the quality of the data-matching results.

I am a potential “buyer”. Is there any cost to use the service?

No, the service is free to use for buyers. We are funded by the supplier community.

Supplier FAQ

The product/service I offer does not fit into any of Matchboard’s supplier categories (technology, outsourcing, consulting, digital, data, recruiting , training). Can I still participate?

Please contact with an outline of your product or service. Matchboard will continuously add new categories to meet market demand.

Will my brand be promoted anywhere by Matchboard?

Matchboard does not promote its supplier database on its website. Your brand and logo will not be used by Matchboard unless by express mutual written consent for a specific purpose (for example, a joint PR exercise).

Is there any fee or penalty if I want to stop participating?

No. However we recommend that suppliers try the service for at least 6 months.

What is the cost of participating in Matchboard?

There is no joining fee and no ongoing fees – just a simple success fee. Pricing varies by supplier category. Please contact for more information.

How do I sign up as a supplier?

If you supply a quality product or service related to sales, service or back office, please contact and we will walk you through our participation criteria and answer any questions you may have. You’ll need to sign a Supplier Agreement, provide 2 references (name, company, email), and complete a Supplier Profile – it’s that simple.

In what format will I receive leads?

The supplier’s authorised contact will receive an email marked high priority, containing buyer contact information and details of the opportunity (eg. budget, scale, specific services or products sought).

Does the same lead get sent to multiple suppliers?

Matchboard targets on average 3 suppliers per lead. This number may vary from 1 to a maximum of 5, depending on buyer criteria.

How often should I expect to receive leads from Matchboard?

This depends on buyer demand, as well as your capability, capacity and willingness to accept different types of business. Some suppliers receive leads multiple times per week, others 1-2 times a year.

Can I advertise on the Pinboard?

The Pinboard is designed to make the market aware of events, reports, business opportunities and  important news. In most cases, it is not a place for suppliers to simply advertise a product or service. If you would like to pin a notice, please contact us.

Referral Partner FAQ

I think I can refer Matchboard leads from time to time – would I get compensated?

Yes, Matchboard operates a Referral Program and welcomes qualified leads from the market. Please contact us to discuss.

Does Matchboard operate a referral or affiliate program?

Yes. If your company has a website targeting small, medium or large businesses, you can generate a new revenue channel by creating a link to Matchboard on your website. Or you can simply refer Matchboard opportunities to receive a referral fee. Please contact us to discuss.

How much does Matchboard pay its referral partners?

We pay 25% of any net revenues collected from suppliers who arrive at the Matchboard website via your company’s website, lodge a completed online questionnaire, and are successfully matched with suppliers. The amount varies significantly based on the supplier category, value of the request, and whether the buyer proceeds to contract.