Contact centre outsourcing

Many people refer to contact centre services as call centre services since the phone (perhaps surprisingly) is still the preferred communication channel for Australian consumers. However the term “contact centre” encompasses a myriad of channels, including email, SMS, apps, social media, video, messaging, bots, as well as phone. With this growing channel complexity, many companies look to outsourcers to manage all or part of their contact centre.

In a market awash with options, the challenge for many is simply finding the right provider – one that can meet your budget and timeline and has experience in your industry. That’s where Matchboard stepped in to create a rich database of hundreds of contact centre companies, capturing almost 100 data points on each vendor. Using our free matching tool, it’s extremely quick and easy to find a shortlist of contact centre outsourcing companies who can meet your unique business needs. Read more

Back office outsourcing

The back office is a generic term covering all the functions and processes that happen in a company “behind the scenes”, which don’t involve much if any contact with customers. Finance and HR are two of the most common back office functions. As they tend to be very process and rules driven, these functions are prime candidates for outsourcing to a third party.

There are companies that specialise in finance processes like accounts payable and accounts receivable, and others that focus on HR, including payroll processing and employee benefits management. Offshore destinations such as India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka are very cost-effective compared to an onshore Australian operation, however partnering with the right company is tricky. That’s where Matchboard can help – we’ve screened suppliers of back office services all over the world, to ensure their clients rate them highly (and only then do they make it in to our ecosystem). By taking 60 seconds to enter your back office needs in our quick questionnaire, we can provide you between 1 and 5 options for outsourcing services in your preferred location(s). Read more

Sales outsourcing

Sales is the lifeblood of most businesses – but when a company lacks the capacity, geographical coverage or skills to reach its sales goals, it’s time to outsource! Sales outsourcing usually refers to face-to-face interactions between potential customers and the sales organisation. This can take the form of residential door-knocking, kiosks in shopping centres or train stations, or getting appointments with business owners to present a service offering.

One of the most important factors in sales outsourcing is compliance – the outsourcing company should be able to demonstrate a framework which stamps out aggressive sales behaviours which can damage a brand, and rather rewards its people for a positive customer experience, even if the customer is not interested. Click to learn more about sales outsourcing services and find companies that can assist you meet your sales goals.   

Outsourcing FAQ

What are the main benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing is often thought of as a way to reduce costs, particularly if the outsourcing destination is in a developing economy with low living costs such as the Philippines, South Africa or Fiji. However there are many other benefits to outsourcing – for example, the “HR headache” is passed on to the outsourcer and does not present a distraction and burden to the company. Outsourcing provides companies with greater bandwidth to contract and expand based on planned or unplanned events. It also reduces the liability of fixed employee costs, lowering the company’s risk profile. Not to mention that outsourcing is an excellent strategy if the process is not a core competency of the company, and the outsourcer can bring expertise to the table which is not resident inhouse.

How do I identify the best outsourcing companies?

There is no one size fits all and therefore no reliable list of “best” outsourcing companies. The best company for your needs will vary based on criteria such as budget, location, industry and volume of work. You can enter your needs via a multiple choice guided questionnaire to find the best companies matching your specific needs.

Which outsourcing services are suitable for offshore?

Not all services are suitable to offshore. For example, companies that deal in the aged care sector typically find their customer-base prefers communicating with someone local. Other examples where onshore is often a preference include brands with high-ticket products/services, where customers expect a premium experience; and government organisations, which want to keep jobs in their own country. However the bulk of front and back office services in most industries are potential candidates for offshoring. Simple, repetitive tasks are easiest to offshore, if these processes are not able to be automated. Customer service, telemarketing, early stage consumer collections, and finance & accounting are all functions where offshore is a common delivery model. Contact Matchboard if you are unsure if the process or function you want to outsource is suitable to run overseas.

Which services are the most popular to outsource?

Contact centre and back office services are the most popular to outsource, along with sales and IT.

What type of pricing models do companies use?

Outsourcing companies traditionally charged on an hourly rate basis, or per transaction (such as call received or claim managed). But over time more innovative pricing models have grown in popularity, aligned to the client’s desired business outcomes.

What is an outsourcer?

An outsourcer is another term for an outsourcing supplier or vendor. Outsourcers are also known as BPOs (business process outsourcing companies) or ITOs (information technology outsourcing companies).

What are examples of companies that outsource?

Most medium-to-large companies outsource one or more functions. The telco industry was a pioneer in outsourcing offshore to the Philippines and India, followed by energy retailers, insurance, travel and retail brands. Sectors outsourcing onshore more than offshore include Government, health care and banking.

For a decade now, the number of small businesses outsourcing has steadily risen – outsourcers have packaged and priced their services to meet the needs of SMEs, including offshore outsourcers establishing an onshore sales presence

Is outsourcing a growing industry?

With its many benefits, outsourcing is a growing industry with the major players increasing in size and more and more new players coming into the market. Outsourcing has become an accepted standard approach to managing non-core processes.

What should I be aware of if my business is outsourcing for the first time?

If you’re outsourcing for the first time, the most critical decision you can make is which outsourcing company you partner with. This will be the biggest factor in whether the outsourcing succeeds or fails. Look for an outsourcing company that shares your values, is aligned with your approach to people, and comes with strong references from existing clients. Secondly, it’s important to understand market rates for the outsource services in the chosen location, so that you can negotiate a fair and reasonable price. Thirdly, understand that outsourcing is a partnership which requires investment in time and effort from both sides, and it’s a mistake to think you can “ship” a process to an outsourcing company and cease regular involvement.

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