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Are you tired of trawling search engines to find quality suppliers? Are you fed up spending hours contacting sources, trying to compile a shortlist of who's who in the market? Matchboard makes sourcing as simple as one, two, three! Just follow these three simple steps to get started:

How it works "behind the scenes" is that our
proprietary matching technology instantly queries your needs against our database of approved suppliers, and produces a shortlist of the best matches. Every request is then quality checked by our verification team, before we connect you with suppliers to assist. Matched suppliers receive your contact details and requirements so you don’t have to “repeat the story” to each one.
Let’s take an example: you want to outsource your call centre but don’t know who’s reputable, and you’re not even sure what information you need to provide call centre outsourcers so they can give you a quotation.  Matchboard’s questionnaire takes away that headache by prompting you for all the questions you’ll need to answer, and then mapping every criterion you specify against a comprehensive supplier database. A short time later, you’ll be speaking to all the right outsourcers with a call centre in the location of your choice!  At any time during the process, if you prefer to speak to a Matchboard consultant to guide you along the way, we are only too happy to help.

Matchboard is proudly vendor-agnostic – we’re on your side, with the simple goal of finding you the genuine best-fit solutions for your needs.  In nearly every instance, we’ll connect you with multiple suppliers who have met our stringent quality criteria.  We also monitor the quality of service they provide on an ongoing basis, through a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

There are no catches - Matchboard is a
free service to use, as we earn our revenues from suppliers. Our suppliers are happy to pay a small fee for the opportunity to connect with companies with a need they know they can fulfill.

Try our service for your next sourcing need, and see just how quick and easy it is to use!

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