Do you have a burning question or challenge with your customer service or contact centre and need some free help? The Contact Centre Hotline is a Matchboard initiative designed to help Australian businesses through the upheaval caused by Covid-19.

So how does it work?

→ Submit your question or challenge in the form below, then

→ We connect you with an expert consultant best placed to help!

Our consultants offer phone or video consultations up to 1 hour completely free of charge, no strings attached.

Here are some of the challenges we’ve helped others with:

  • Our offshore call centre isn’t functioning. How can I set up an alternative onshore in the next 24 hours?
  • We need a home agent policy and procedures manual – help!
  • Volumes are going through the roof – help us get 20 staff and a project manager!
  • Is there a service which can offer a Coronavirus Infoline just for our employees?   

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local council, startup or multinational corporation, please make use of our free service. The Hotline is also available to people who have some down time and want to plan ahead for a contact centre initiative down the track.

So fire away with your question today!