Once a supplier is matched with a buyer’s request, Matchboard sends the supplier an email alert allowing the supplier to quickly respond to the buyer’s needs. A sample is below. Suppliers are advised to action lead emails within 24 hours. 

From: sales@matchboard.com.au
To: Joe Bloggs @ The Technology Group 
Subject: Matchboard lead alert

Date:  Tuesday, November 07, 2022

Status: High Priority

Dear Joe

Below is a new business lead for your immediate actioning.


Contact details

Company: Outsourcing Global

Contact: Angelina Goldring   

Title: CIO

E-mail: agoldring@xxxxxx.com.au    

Phone: 090909xxx

Website: www.xxxxxxx.com.au



Category: Technology

Number of users: 51-100

Deployment method: cloud

Products sought: contact centre software, knowledge management system  

Go-live timeline: within 3 months

Additional requirements: We have a new client (online travel company) looking for a best-in-class contact centre and knowledge system.   


Please contact this lead asap, and mention the request came through Matchboard.  For any questions, please contact us by replying to this e-mail. 

Good luck!