Blending Digital with Intelligent Telemarketing for Conversion Success

In the last several years, marketers were encouraged to increase their use of digital marketing to appeal to the modern consumer. High mobile technology uptake and the rise of social media made digital marketing the logical next step. But where does that leave offline marketing, such as telemarketing and direct mail?

You may be surprised to learn that offline marketing is rising out of the online ‘noise’, and regaining popularity because it is used with less frequency. Telemarketing is becoming a powerful tool once more, especially when combined with digital marketing.

According to a case study by Ringostat, 79% of affluent clients preferred to speak to someone over the phone, especially in cases where products or services are slightly more complex. Australia’s most prominent comparison and switching service also found that most of their customers opted to speak over the phone when given the choice.

Australia’s fastest growing RPL training specialist mentioned that digital marketing alone generates over 100 leads a day, but it takes their outsourced Australian call centre following those leads up to deliver a massive 12% conversion rate. Without that, they wouldn’t have experienced the phenomenal success they have seen in the last 12 months. Even a prominent NBN retail service provider in Australia combines a range of online marketing strategies to generate leads, which they convert with an incredible 90% success rate in their call centre.

Since marketing is such a crucial factor in the growth of a business, it is important to carefully consider how you spend your budget. Marketing channels should be measured by their cost and results.

The relevance of telemarketing in the Digital Age

In a world where people are glued to their phones and social media, telemarketing continues to deliver results, while it is becoming harder to make an impact via social media and search engine marketing.

With so many companies touting promises to deliver mind-blowing results, and even more businesses vying for prospects’ attention, the digital market is crowded. You have to be somebody to be seen and heard online, but there’s a caveat when it comes to telemarketing: personal contact. 

Telemarketing allows for the person-to-person contact and rapport-building that words on a screen simply can’t deliver. On the other hand, there’s no denying the sheer size of the digital marketplace. Online advertising exposes a business to a global audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. This leaves a curious conundrum for businesses wishing to make an impact and a solid return on investment on their advertising budgets.

However, successful marketers know the secret to success is to combine digital marketing with telemarketing. While digital marketing is hard-to-beat in terms of getting your brand out there, intelligent telemarketing is the perfect tool for moving beyond the introductions and towards a more solid relationship. 

Telemarketing: an effective strategy for B2B and B2C

Intelligent telemarketing efforts continue to yield results, both for business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies. Modern telemarketing is data-based. After collection, data is cleaned up with the help of the internet before callers interact with the list.  Contacts are carefully segmented to ensure that calls are relevant, and as such, they are more likely to listen to and be receptive to the information imparted to them by expert tele-marketers during the calls.

Random cold-calling, however, is a nuisance and should generally be avoided. This is still true. Outbound calls should always be made in follow-up to digital marketing activity, when a lead has indicated they are potentially interested in hearing about your offer or an existing relationship exists.   

Synergistic strategy: telemarketing + digital marketing

With the broad impact of social media, pay-per-click and email outreach, one would expect to make a killing. However, businesses continue to search for the elusive hen that lays the golden eggs. 

Telemarketing is the perfect addition to convert previously-excited leads or customers into brand ambassadors. Telemarketing is the perfect complement to your digital marketing efforts. It provides that final personal touch a lead requires to make the final commitment. In the digital business age, the modern consumer still wants that connection to provide reassurance that they are dealing with a real person and not a computer. 

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Last updated on: April 16, 2024