SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – March 2, 2015 – Following on the success of many other Israeli technology vendors, LikeBillions has announced it is entering the Australian market, with its patented Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS) platform.

WVS integrates contact centres and digital marketing through rotating phone numbers, uniquely identifying a caller’s web session and presenting this data to a company’s contact centre. Unlike older call tracking technology, WVS uses algorithms to predict the value of a caller based on their online behaviour, so that high value callers can be routed faster for premium service. Those using a foreignlanguage browser can also be identified by WVS and automatically routed to a bilingual agent. Marketers benefit from knowing which keywords or Adwords campaigns convert within a contact centre, and from the ability to push tailored marketing offers to a caller’s screen, and test offers in real-time.

LikeBillions has engaged Sydney-based Matchboard to facilitate its market entry, kicking off with a launch event with inaugural Australian channel partner, Quality Connex, on March 4. The event has attracted strong interest with most of Australia’s leading financial services companies signed up.

As an independent matching service for the contact centre industry, Matchboard has played a vital role introducing us to key industry stakeholders and partners,” said LikeBillions CEO, Ami Meoded.

Sharon Melamed, Managing Director of Matchboard, stated,“We’re always on the lookout for innovative technology solutions to bring to the market’s attention, and WVS is an exciting offering. LikeBillions’ many deployments overseas have delivered benefits to clients including increased sales conversion, reduced call handle time and better customer experience, not to mention less waste in marketing spend.

About LikeBillions (

LikeBillions is the pioneer of a revolutionary new technology called Web Voice Synchronization (WVS) that uses a simple phone call to synchronize between the browser of a website visitor and a company’s CSR. The technology converts a static website into a platform for collaboration for inbound contact centre callers.

About Matchboard (

Founded in 2012, Matchboard is an independent B2B matching service which matches buyers and suppliers in the sales, service and back office space. Using proprietary matching software, Matchboard shortlists suitable vendors for any business need entered in its online wizard. Matchboard also assists vendors generate market awareness and leads through its events and online content marketing services. With over 1000 clients across SME, large enterprise and government, Matchboard is the smart way for suppliers to find new clients and for companies to find suppliers.


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