Personalising the customer experience with dynamic videos

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If you’re like most Australians, you’re overwhelmed with boring bills, statements, and welcome letters from providers of products such as banking, insurance, superannuation and utilities.  Many of these emails or printed statements make it no further than the junk folder or trash. Now there’s a way to actually engage customers in these often time-sensitive, important communications, and engender loyalty at the same time. 

Thanks to new personalised video technology, it’s possible to import each individual customer’s data into a personalised video format, and from one video, create tens or hundreds of thousands of unique and compelling videos. This method of engagement has proven to dramatically increase customer engagement and experience. For example, an Australian superannuation company reports that their members enjoy receiving their statements via video, with an outstanding 90% completion rate, and more than double the typical rate of login to portal. With balance, contribution and fees all personalised and presented in a friendly, easy-to-digest graphical format, it’s no wonder.

Dynamic videos are not limited to superannuation. The technology can be used to present monthly or quarterly bills, personalise eDMs or onboard new customers. An example is in the charity space, where a personalised video can be used to establish a much warmer relationship with donors, to ensure they continue to see the benefit of being involved with the cause. Rather than receive an automated “thank you for your donation” email, which can appear mechanical and impersonal, a fully personalised thank-you video is far more powerful and memorable. Videos boost engagement and foster customer appreciation – in this example showing donors how their contribution is making a difference.

In the insurance world, an obvious application for personalised online video is for policy renewals. Not only does video reduce customer churn, it also reduces the cost of customer service, as calls to the contact centre are deflected by pre-empting common questions and answering them during the video. For example, many customers struggle to interpret bulky statements for financial services and products, and these can be explained in plain English accompanied by visuals in a video.

Personalised videos need not conform to a specific template, and any style can be created to suit a brand. From a data perspective, Australian clients can rest assured that data is stored locally and data transfers are encrypted to comply with Australian privacy standards.

In summary, dynamic creative videos are an innovative tool for digital and marketing leaders focused on personalised customer experience and engagement.

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Last updated on: October 10, 2022