Date: February 15, 2018

Time: 12:00 - 13:15

Location: Sydney

The classic dual challenge for startups is: acquire customers fast, but stay lean. That’s why offshoring to the Philippines has proven the “darling” of so many Australian startup business models. Whether your imperative is “double the output” or “halve the cost”, having a team offshore allows you to cost-effectively grow your business.

Join our free lunch to learn how to get started offshore,  what it costs, and what models are available – whether you want full control or a complete outsource.

From customer service and telemarketing, to back office accounting and administration, IT and digital marketing, the Filipino workforce is ready and waiting for you. 

outsourcing to the Philippines with Airtasker

Case Study Keynote

Hear first-hand from Airtasker’s COO, CJ Foo, how they scaled their business to be a huge success by leveraging offshore capability. Ask CJ questions to empower your business with the knowhow needed to achieve exceptional outcomes in call centres, marketing and back office.

This event is designed for entrepreneurs and high-growth start-up leaders.