LONDON, ENGLAND – August 14, 2017. Online dating sites have been around for years, but the concept of a matchmaking site for the commercial world is relatively new. Now, through advanced matching algorithms similar to dating sites, businesses can find their “perfect match” suppliers online too. Leading the way is AboutMatch, the international arm of Australia’s award-winning Matchboard platform, which just celebrated its 1 year anniversary in the UK market.

“What we’re seeing is that UK customers are no different from Australians in the sense that they’re sick of trawling through page after page of search engine results, and they want a faster way to find just the right companies to supply the service they’re looking for. Be that a digital marketing service, a call centre service, or a consulting service,” said Founder, Sharon Melamed.

In its first 12 months in the UK, AboutMatch has captured interest from all ends of the market, from small business to large enterprise, providing hundreds of new business leads to the pre-screened suppliers in its ecosystem. 

Following customer demand, the company has also wasted no time in launching a companion offline matching program, whereby a supplier has the opportunity to be matched with a “room full of potential buyers”.  This takes the form of a boardroom lunch, where the supplier presents and the attendees decide if they want a proposal one on one later. After five successful matching lunches in London which have attracted many of the biggest brands in the travel, technology and retail sectors, the company is buoyant about its offering. And its enthusiasm for the UK shines through in a video case study produced by the Department for International Trade in which Melamed touts “similar culture” and openness to innovation as key advantages the UK offers.

 “Our service fills a gap in the market in the UK, providing a smarter alternative to old-fashioned directories and brokers, as well as to search engines, which often overwhelm users with unreliable and irrelevant results. Now you can find a ‘best matched’ shortlist of suppliers by answering up to 10 questions about your requirement.”

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