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There are thousands of Australian contact centre options, but if you are outsourcing, finding the right one to meet your needs is not as difficult as you may think, thanks to new matching technology which queries your needs against a database of call centres serving the Australian market. Matchboard has collated information about each supplier ranging from locations, service offerings, seat capacity and industry specialisation right through to key differentiators and client references.  It’s simply a case of following a wizard which takes just 1 minute to complete, generating a shortlist of the most suitable companies in Australia to support your organisation’s needs.

The Australian Contact Centre landscape

Analysts estimate there are about 300,000 FTE in Australian contact centres, of which 70 to 75% are in-house and the rest outsourced. Outsourcing is on the rise, however, the major growth area of outsourcing is to offshore contact centres. This is in part thanks to offshore call centres setting up sales and account management functions on the ground in Australia.

There is only a handful of Australian outsourcers with more than 1000 seats domestically – the so-called “Tier 1s”. These companies typically deal with mid to large enterprise and government clients, with not many having a business model which supports small business.  They may offer the additional assurance of industry accreditations such as ISO, COPC and PCI.  Boutique outsourcers often also target the top end of town, with deep specialisation in a specific industry or type of customer service.  For example there are outsourcers that only do financial services work (and therefore carry the appropriate financial services licences), and others that specialise in health information or advice hotlines. Small businesses are generally best served by small generalist call centre outsourcers who are flexible in running ad hoc or one-off campaigns, and have low thresholds in terms of minimum commitments or volumes.

While the market for outsourced call centres is highly competitive, there are certain pockets which are underserved. For example, a company looking for 24×7 service with only tiny volumes during the night may struggle to find more than one or two centres interested in providing a reasonable quotation. There is also a gap in the market in terms of limited options for outsourced multilingual contact centre work.

Offshore Contact Centres targeting the Australian market

More and more outsourcers from countries such as the Philippines, India, Fiji, South Africa and New Zealand have established a presence in Australia – capitalising on the relative resilience of our economy and maturity of the contact centre market. Many of them are large global outsourcers with thousands or tens of thousands of FTE. However some are young, fast growing outsourcers with high ambitions, and a high level of flexibility and personalised service to match. 

Each of the above-mentioned countries has a different value proposition, and if you’re feeling bamboozled about all the options in this rapidly evolving landscape, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Matchboard’s outsourced advisory service is free, and is backed by decades of experience in outsourced contact centres in many markets around the world. However, if you’d rather use our simple web-based wizard, start sourcing here.