The fastest-growing jobs in contact centres and CX

While some Australian contact centre jobs are being replaced by offshoring and automation, other jobs are booming. Matchboard’s CX and contact centre recruitment specialist provides a synopsis of where the demand is.

Analyst – Business Intelligence

“Analyst” roles are growing fast with statistical analysis and data mining one of the most sought-after skills in Australia on LinkedIn. Customer Analytics roles were previously considered Management Information (MI) roles, but Business Intelligence (BI) analysts are now more common as companies invest heavily in data analytics to better understand their customers. BI Analysts have a range of tools at their disposal and can integrate siloed data sources and present information layers with a myriad of visualisation tools (such as Qlik, Tableau, Yellowfin).

Analyst – Automation 

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a hot skillset as organisations introduce process automation in front and back office operations as a way to reduce cost and human error. Meanwhile, chatbots, virtual agents and AI are driving automation of customer-facing interactions. With much of this technology is only just taking off, there is a shortage of analytical skills to map business requirements and knowledge management systems into the technology.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management/Workforce Optimisation has grown in stature for several years, as organisations recognise the value that a WFM professional can bring to make or save money. Roles across the breadth of WFM/O remain strong, starting with Real Time Analysts (RTA), Scheduling, Planning and Forecasting…and an experienced Manager/Director can expect a salary above $200k.

Technology Sales

We have seen a seismic shift from large enterprise, on premise sales, to more flexible, scalable cloud based solutions, creating a new type of CX sales person, one that understands the customer and business requirements as much as or more than the technology. 

Digital Sales

SEO/SEM Marketing skills have been highly in demand for several years now. SEO/SEM client acquisition is commonly delivered via the contact centre, and contact centre sales managers with an understanding of digital marketing principles are sought after.  

Digital Transformation Program Managers

It seems every organisation is in a constant state of digital transformation, and contact centres are a hotbed of digital change. Often these program management roles are project based contracts stretching over a number of months, while other roles are permanent in the transformation and delivery of an omnichannel strategy. Program Manager positions include both technical implementations as well as people and process-oriented transformations.

Contact Centre Management

Roles across Contact Centre Management and Operations are consistently strong. Candidates who can demonstrate a track record in improving customer experience metrics are highly regarded. Companies also recognise that employee engagement is strongly correlated with customer engagement, therefore the ability to motivate, inspire and empower a team is critical.

With the rise of outsourcing and offshoring, companies are also looking for BPO selection and partnership management skills, and international experience is a bonus.

Customer Experience Managers

With customer experience a high priority for most businesses, along with a focus on growing existing customer relationships, investment is being made in roles such as CX Manager, Customer Retention Manager and Customer Loyalty Manager. There is also a trend in large enterprise to appoint a senior executive with the title Chief Customer Officer (CCO), often with a reporting line to the CEO. There is only a small number of CCOs in Australia, and their backgrounds and job descriptions are diverse.

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Last updated on: March 18, 2022