How small call centres can achieve big results with analytics-as-a-service

This white paper* examines how call centre speech analytics can be deployed as a service with as few as 20 seats, to achieve breakthrough results. With the only requirement being a call recording capability, which most contact centres already have, analytics as a service can be deployed quickly, with no need for internal specialists or….

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Using data analytics to optimise outbound customer engagement

The case for segmenting customer data to determine the best time, frequency and method of contacting customers is a slam dunk:  it results in better productivity and sales performance, and provides a more tailored customer experience. For large organisations, there are also some hidden but powerful advantages to a bespoke rather than generic approach to….

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How to automate coding of Net Promoter Score customer comments

As the CMO of AirBnB says, “Amazing things happen once we listen to consumers.” Many companies have embraced Net Promoter Score and are good at asking the golden nugget question (“would you recommend us…?”), but how many are actually listening to customer comments? The sheer cost and time of reviewing and coding every customer comment….

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Sales Outsourcing: 7 Myths exposed

While the outsourcing industry has flourished in areas such as I.T. and customer service, such that it’s used by 70% of companies as a strategy, only 12% of companies outsource the sales function.  Sales has remained sacrosanct.  This white paper argues that companies are missing out on the many benefits of sales outsourcing due to….

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Call tracking software: the smart marketer’s secret weapon

Call tracking software is the missing link between contact centres and marketing departments.  It gives a complete view of which online marketing campaigns are succeeding not just in terms of  number of calls, but also in terms of sales conversions in the call centre, right down to which keywords customers searched before they called. This….

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How to quash unwanted demand in a multi-channel service environment

The advent of self-service, apps and social media was supposed to dramatically reduce the size of contact centres and traffic in shopfronts. However many organisations report growth in demand and headcount to service it. This paper* explores the key reasons for “failure demand” in a multi-channel world, and 3 things we can do to address….

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Outsourcing: the Next Generation Model

For companies who boast values of sustainability and “giving back to the community”, outsourcing and offshoring can present a brand conflict. A new model for outsourcing – the Community Model – solves this issue and allows companies to operate efficiently and flexibly, while making a positive contribution to local society. The model presents an opportunity….

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Customer experience feats and fails in a digital world

This white paper* explores the common qualities of a good customer experience, with in-depth examples of three big brands doing it right. But in the rush to get into new markets and launch new products, even the world’s most successful companies sometimes get it wrong, and examples of this are covered as well.

Social Media Planning Guide

Every year the goalposts are changing in social media. The Social Media Planning Guide* provides comprehensive, up-to-date advice on how to build your social strategy, with a specific focus on: trends that are affecting the landscape across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other major platforms embedding your organisation’s purpose within your social media plan – why,….

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How to recruit for culture

Recruitment can be the biggest driver of performance, but only if you get the right people. In this short guide*, we share a recruitment approach used to find thousands of top performers for contact centres across Australia. The same approach is applicable to recruiting any frontline service roles. Learn how to: Identify who your best….

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